Monday, July 27, 2015

Episode 33: So Long, Farewell!

You can listen directly to the podcast here!

Hello and welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed knitting podcast.  I am your host Shannon and I'm known as:

snotestine - Ravelry
knitsip - plurk, twitter, everlapse, tumblr, flickr and myfitnesspal
knitsip - Instagram

Thank you so much for everyones love and support but real life and work has gotten very busy and hectic.  Therefore I have come to the decision to no longer podcast.  However I will keep the blog and the Ravelry group still going for those that want to still visit either.

There are so many wonderful audio and video podcasts out there please check them out and show them the love.  The knitting community is such a wonderful place, I love seeing and hearing about it.

I hope that everyone is able to find plenty of time to knit and sip.  Good bye!


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