Sunday, February 22, 2015

Episode 28: Better late than never

You can listen directy to the episode here!

Welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed knitting podcast.  I'm Shannon your host and I'm:

snotestine - Ravelry
KnitSip - Plurk, Twitter, Everlapse, Tublr, MyFitnessPal
KnitSip2013 - Instagram

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Spilled Beverages
Specialty Drinks
Your Drink is Ready
On The House
Cafe Mwenu
Drive Through

Mom's V-Day Socks
Regia Strata, US 2 = 2.75 mm

Pumpkin Hat
JoJo land Melody, US 3 = 3.0 mm

Spilled Beverages
Frogged the Lacy Baktus and a toe-up slipper.

Specialty Drinks 
Knitting Blooms Finish It Or Frog It February KAL
Tina (BloomingKnitter) of the Knitting Blooms podcast is hosting a finish it or frog it KAL/CAL during the month of February.  Head to the Knitting Blooms Ravelry group for more info.

KnitSip Snuggles KAL/CAL/SAL
Going on February and now March!  Make snuggles and post your pics in the FO thread.  Prized include 1 item from the Tix Trinkets Etsy shop and 1 skein of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple sock in the Federal colorway.

Apple Blossom and Ewe Love themed KAL
Hosted by Sarah (AppleBlossomSF - Rav.) and Matt (Navy1990 - Rav.) who are the podcasters behind the Apple Blossom and Ewe video podcast.  This KAL is very open to interpretation and the theme is LOVE.  Tie that into your FO's any way you want.

Your Drink is Ready
Creeper Hat
Free Ravelry pattern made with left over Stonhedge Fiber Mill's Shepard's Wool in the Lime and Black color way.  US 7.

Shepard's Wool Superwash Hat
Made for Little Man in a Lilac color.  Basic style beanie. US 8

On the House
Follow the blog = win 1 skein of Aussie Sock in Hot Pepper
Join the KnitSip Ravelry group =1 skein Fiber Addiction in The Man color way
Leave a comment in Episode 28's thread on the KnitSip Ravelry group and win a) $10 or less Ravelry downloadable pattern b) Spartikes Dyes in the Where Bluebirds Fly color way c)Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in the Empress color way.

The Fat Squirrel Speaks (video) podcast
Amy Beth (thefatsquirrel - Rav.) is an amazing podcaster.  She is funny, humerous and a fantastic knitter.  She also owns The Fat Squirrel Fibers project bags, which are highly poular.  Check out her podcast on iTunes or on YouTube.  Also check out The Fat Squirrel Speaks Ravelry group!

Starjay Knits (audio) podcast
Ariel (stariel - Rav.) and MJ (nerdcoop - Rav.) are the podcasters behind this wonderful audio podcast.  They are fantastic knitters and I love hearing all about their knitting adventures.  Also check out their Starjay Knits Ravelry group.

Cafe Menu
Jalapeno Poppers
By Ree Drummond of the Pioneer Woman.  They are fabulous and very delicious!

Drive Through
Gaylord Knitters
Every Thursday at the Bigbby coffee shop from 4-8 pm.  This is free and open to anyone who would like to attend.

Cynthia's Too Open Knit
Cynthia's Too Yarn Shop is located at 320 E. Mitchell Street, Petoskey, MI.  This open knit is Saturday February 28th from 11 am - 3 pm.  This is free and open to anyone and everyone.

Thank you for new and returning listeners.

A huge thank you to Aimee (FroggyMonkey - Rav.) for sending 4 snuggles and 3 hats to donate locally.

Come back on March 1st for Episode 29 and until then I hope you find plenty of time to knit and sip!

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