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Episode 22: Here Me Are

You can listen to the episode directly here!

Welcome to the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed podcast.  My name is Shannon and you can find me as:

Snotestine - Ravelry
KnitSip - Plurk, Twitter, Everlaspe, Tumblr, Flickr and MyFitnessPal
KnitSip2013 - Instagram

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Spilled Beverages
Specialty Drinks
Your Drink is Ready
On Tap
Drive Through

Boot Socks for Mom
Viking of Norway, Viking Raggen (70% SW, 30 Nylon).  Knits like butter!!!
US 4 = 3.5 mm
Knitting 2nd pair of sock.

free Rav. download
Using my own Handspun
US 7 = 4.5 mm
Almost finished with increases, next will be lace edging.

Spinning on my spindle
merino, yellow with splashes of pink.  Spinning on my Dragon Tree Tool from Highland Handmades.  Going slowly but surely.

Spinning on Serenity
Serenity, my Krimski Minstrel, spinning Highland Handmades Pitch Pine Top, 100% Polworth in the Not Soon Effaced colorway.  (2 lbs total, 4 braids)  Took 2 braids, 8 oz, and tore apart the braid seperating by color.  Will spin like colors with like, giving it a slightly gradient effect.  Will spin the last 2 braids as is.  My goal is to have a fractally spun finished yarn.

Spilled Beverages
Knitting on charity hat but not liking how the hat was turning out.  The hat was turning out too big for a child.

Specialty Drinks
Outlandish Shawl KAL
AppleBlossom and Ewe group, AppleblossSF (Sarah) and navy1990 (Matt), KAL with the group while watching/listening/reading the Outlander series.  Going on now thru October, pick from several different patterns.
- Claires Shawl
-Among the Healther
-Jacobean Shawl

Countdown to Outlander KAL
hosted by the Knitmore Girls, Yarngasm, Geeky Girls and Subway Knits podcasts.  This is done via Instagram, #countdowntooutlander, post pictures of your Outlanderish knitting.  Check out their Ravelry groups as well for more info, guidance and inspiration.

Classic Knits KAL
Co-hosted by Molly (Homespunhouse - Rav.) of the A Homespun House podcast and Kristin (vollenvine - Rav.) of the Yarngasm podcast.  This is a friendly KAL (or CAL) for those who want to knit "classic" patterns that are available of Ravelry.  "Classic knits" is loosely define.  Pretty much any popular pattern (again use your own discretion) on Ravelry.  Head over to either group for further details and inspiration.

Getting Ahead of the Game KAL
Hosted by Kay (bryonybear - Rav.) and Dan (obiwanknitter - Rav.) of the Bakery Bears Podcast. This is a way to get jump started on your Christmas knitting. Just think instead of a mad dash to finish you too can have visions of sugar plums on Christmas Eve. I plan on making quite a few filled slippers for the family as gifts this year.

Your Drink is Ready
Jumping ahead on Snuggles
2 crocheted snuggles, 3 strand worsted weight acrylic held together using an N hook = 10.0 mm.
Sadie (blueruin - Rav.) of the Yarnivore podcast does a yearly snuggles KAL/CAL/SAL in February.  There's also a friendly podcaster competition too, or you can go solo.  Check out for more info, guidlines and free patterns.

Mermaid Lagoon Socks
knit for mom (NoniNunes - Rav.) and she loves them!  Mermaid Lagoon, 2009, free pattern.  Sadie (blueruin - Rav.) of the yarnivore podcast is the designer.
A Geeks Yarn, Lakeshore colorway, US 2 = 2.75 mm needle

Boot Socks for Mom
Viking or Norway, Viking raggen (70% superwash wool, 30% nylon), 225 meters/250 yards,
US 4 = 3.5 mm
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this yarn.  So soft, knits like butter!!
Made tallish boot sock for mom, had about 15 - 25 yards left over.  Won the knitting chicken game!
Crocheted & Knit T-shirt
My own design using Caron Country in a purlple color, H hook =  5.0 mm and US 7 = 4.5 mm

I'm using my own handspun to knit my Multnomah Shawl. 2 ply yarn of unkown type of wool, 478 yards of a DK/worsted weight yarn.

Bakery Bears Podcast (Video)
Kay (Bryonybear - Rav.) and Dan (Obiwanknitter- Rav.) co-host this lovely podcast.  Kay is the fabulous designer behind the Mrs. Baker Bear and Mr. Bakery Bear patterns available on Ravelry. As the mom of an 8 year old little boy I love the cameo their little one sometimes makes.
You can expect to see fabulous knitting, fantastic Lego builds, Kay's beautiful knitting bags and knitting at some great locations in the UK.  Check them out!

Appleblossom and Ewe Podcast (Video)
Sarah (ApplebloosomSF - Rav.)  and Matt (navy1990 - Rav.) are back to hosting this wonderful and uplifting podcast. Watching them is very uplifting and inspirational. Sarah is the wonderful designer behind
Yarns and Tales Podcast (Audio)
This is a wonderful audio podcast that is available through iTunes. I wasn't able to find a Ravelry group but was able to find a Facebook page. Lea is the host and has a wonderful southern drawl. She is funny and very positive to listen to. Her episodes generally run about 30 minutes. Check her out I'm sure you'll enjoy listening.
The KAL Gals Knitcast (Audio)
is audio podcast is done by a fantastic duo, Josie (JosieLynne - Rav.) and Sophia (phiden - Rav.). They podcast from opposite coasts and have a monthly KAL that anyone can join in on. I won't lie I totally drank the Kool Aid and wanted to cast on everything they were talking about. After stepping back from that crazy knitting ledge I continued to listen to every episode they have. Both Josie and Sophia are naturally at ease with each other and in front of the mike. Check them out and check out their Ravelry group.

On Tap
I have been infusing alcohol and vinegar (not together). It's really easy to do. Take any fruit of your choice (I usually use 2-3 pints of fruit) that's fresh and in season then submerge with your choice of alcohol or vinegar. I have done this with vodka, white rum and white wine vinegar. Make sure the fruit is washed and the liquid covers the fruit. Set in the back of the fridge for 14 - 30 days. Pour back into original container and it would help to label what fruit you used to infuse it with.

After I'm done infusing the alcohol I put the fruit in a small saucepan with 2 1/2 cups sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to a rolling boil stirring pretty constantly. Reduce heat slightly (medium to medium-high) and reduce the liquid by at least 1/3. Remove from heat and let cool some. Pour into a safe container and refrigerate. This makes a tasty jam with a kick. Don't worry all the alcohol will be boiled (cooked) out. The jam will have the taste of whatever alcohol was infused with the fruit. Goes great with toast, crackers and cheese, over ice cream, etc.

On the House
If you won a prize from last episode and haven't done so, please contact me. I sent out prizes to those who did contact me. I hope you liked your prizes and thanks for listening.

In this episode I featured a couple of designers who are also podcasters. As a way to support fellow podcasters and wonderful designers I will be giving 2 people the pattern of their choice from either designer. Leave a comment in episode 22 for a chance to win. If you can't wait until next time check out Kay's designs or Sarah's designs. Both are fabulous!

Drive Through
Almost every Thursday I can be found knitting with the Gaylord knitters at the Bigbby coffee shop in Gaylord, Mi from 4-8 PM. This is free and open to anyone. Come knit, enjoy free wifi and just all sound fun.

Cynthia's Too Open Knit
Saturday September 6th from 11 am - 3 pm at Cynthia's Too yarn shop. Karen will be giving a blocking demonstration using blocking wires. This is free and open to anyone who wants to attend.

Thank you for listening. If you're a new listener that for giving me a try. If you're a returning listener bless you and this for coming back.

A thank you and shout out to the swap angels of the Sherlock Holmes Read Along Group. I loved everything that I received. Thank you, thank you.

Another shout out to Diane (knitabulls - Rav.), I won a braid of fiber in one of her giveaway threads. It's a 4 oz. braid of Numma Numma in the Sangria color way. It's absolutely gorgeous and I have been admiring it quite a bit.

Please come back for episode 23 and until then I hope you find plenty of time to knit and sip.

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