Monday, March 10, 2014

Episode 17:Post Olympic

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Hello and welcome to the 16th episode of the KnitSip podcast, a beverage themed knitting podcast.  My name is Shannon, your host and I can be found through the following social media sites as:

snotestine - Ravelry
KnitSip - Plurk,Twitter, Tumbler, Everlapse
KnitSip2013 - Instagram

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Spilled Beverages
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On the House
Drink Menu
Drive Through

Dash Hat (test knit) for Kimberly Gintar of The Giving Flower Designs
colorwork hat, fingering weight yarn
Regia sock yarn (light blue),
US 1 = 2.5 mm, US 3 = 3.0 mm

Arm-inArm Hat (test knit) by Jessy Austin Design
colorwork brimmed hat, worsted weight yarn
Vanna's Choice in Royal Blue, Linen and Rasberry
US 6 = 4.0 mm

Jeck Socks by Regina Satta
Free Ravelry download
Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock yarn in the Aegir colorway
US 1 = 2.5 mm
1st sock done!

Finished 8 snuggles total.  One sewn (by little man) and 7 either knit or crochet.  Huge thank you to Sadie, aka blueruin on Ravelry, for organizing and spearheading this wonderful KAL/CAL/SAL.

Spilled Beverages
Done on purpose this time!  I participated in the Aerial Unwind portion of the Ravellinics games and got a few projects frogged and now have some extra needles available.

Frogged Projects include:
February Lady's Sweater

Mittered Square Shawl Wrap

Another Sweater

Your Drink is Ready
Slip Up Socks by Dee Bramford (Posh Yarns)
North Cabin Fiber Crafts Dog Sled base in the Maple Leaves colorway
US 2=2.75 mm

Candy Shawl Wrap by Kimberly Gintar (The Giving Flower)
LOVE IT!!!  Test knit for Kimberly
Cherry Tree Hill DK wt, US 7 = 4.5 mm

On The House
Last episodes prizes finally sent out to the winners.

Leave a comment on the blog or the KnitSip Ravelry group for a chance to win one of Kimberly's downloadable pattern of your choice.

Specialty Drinks
Knitabulls Stitch Surfer KAL
Diane of the Knitabulls podcast is hosting a KAL through March.  It's the Stitch Surfer Sock from and Diane has provided video tutorials to help you knit the sock.  (They're very good and I highly reccomend you try this).

Drink Menu
Faux Mocha
2-3 Tbl. cocoa mix (or 1 packet of cocoa mix)
2 Tbl. Creamer of your choice (or milk)

Place the coca and creamer in a large mug and mix well.  Add coffee in thirds mixing well.  Enjoy!

Drive Through
Gaylord Knitters
Every Thursday from 4-8 pm at the Bigbby coffee shop in Gaylord (by I-75).  Everyone is welcome! Besides fabulous coffee and non-coffee drinks there is also free wi-fi.

Cynthia's Open Knit
March 8th and March 22nd from 11 am - 3 pm.  This is a free event held at Cynthia's Too Yarn Store located at 320 East Mitchell street in Petoskey, MI.  Everyone is welcome.  Come sit and knit with some wondeful people and see what's new and going on at Cynthia's yarn store.

Thanks everybody for listening.  If you'd like head over to the KnitSip Ravelry group to introduce yourself and see what's going on.  Shownotes can be found on the blog or under the episode 17 thread of the KnitSip Ravelry group.  you can listen directly from the blog or suscribe via iTunes.  Again thanks for listening and until next time I hope your able to have plenty of time to knit and sip.

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